The Ultimate Ad Posting Software in India: Rocket Speed on ad Posting Jobs

The Ultimate Ad Posting Software in India: Rocket Speed on ad Posting Jobs

ad posting software

How can you make your brand not only stand out from competition, but also remains in the minds of customer, both current and potential? This is possible only by advertising your brand. Traditional advertising (newspaper, magazines, television, and radio) decreases day by day, Internet advertising occupies the first position.

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Manual vs Automatic ad posting software process:

In manual process whole work based on copy paste. It’s a time consuming process while automatic ad posting process is performed by the help of software. Users can simply insert their ads into the software and schedule the desired time for their ads to be placed, allowing for a better management, so that they can spend more time with their core business.

Online classified ads can easily be updated or removed: In case of online method you don’t need to call any newspaper or support department for making any updation. You can make changes or deletion by login into your account.

Online classified ads are heavily marked: You can attract a wider audience at low/no cost by placing ads at classified websites.

You can check the number of hits: Using software you can check how many people have clicked on your ads and you get the idea that how much exposure each ad is getting.

In both cases important is “Finding the right site for the right money”.

There are various spammed sites, so placing right ad at right site is important.Example: Craigslist DOT org are spammed every day with ads (the same old ads) and the users will find very difficult to find ads.

The Most popular ad posting Software that you need to Download:

  1. ESC Ad Poster: ESC Ad Posting Software was developed ESC Tools Company. BY the help of this software you can post ads to multiple classified sites in a quick and easy manner, only you need to do is initial posting setup and program operation control.

It’s a universal marketing tool suits everyone without expectation!

  1. Automatic Craigslist Ad software: You can do business marketing by pacing your ads on Craigslist. RainMaker will automatically bypass craigslist captchas, create craigslist accounts, submit you tube videos, place ads, keep track of flagged and deleted ads, enable you to schedule when your ads should be placed. You can also use colourful and attractive HTML ads to promote your business or product. Automatic Craigslist Ad software is also capable of fully automating your ad placement by typing the craigslist security code. CraigsPoster’s (another name used for Craigslist ad Software)allows you to monitor 10 different craigslist accounts from anywhere in the world, and repost 50 ads in each account endlessly.
  2. Social Poster: Social Poster will make content submission to social and bookmarking websites .Using this software you can get better traffic and better page rank.
  3. Classified website Submission: Classified website submission allows you to submit thousands of real free classified ads without visiting each site and posting your ad manually.
  4. Odun Craigslist Posting Software: Odun Craigslist Posting Software allows you to automate your personal and business online advertising. It is helpful for those who are working in the field of marketing, Real Estate, Auto Dealers, Business to Business, Recruiting etc.
  5. CYBER EXPO Ad Posting Software: Using CYBER EXPO Ad Posting Software you can post on 35-45 classified websites within one hour and with 100 % accuracy. Using this software you can set ad matter, upload photo etc. But for using this software you require windows PC with P4 or higher configuration and minimum 256 Kbps internet speed (or higher).
  6. Crayzilla: Using Crayzilla you create or post multiple ads at a single time. It helps in improving business and customer acquisition .It provides you the calendar feature by using it you can schedule the ad posting process. It automates the process for when you want your ads to go live and receive notifications when ads need to be renewed. You can create your account in a simple few clicks. It helps in creating 1000’s of different variation to keep ads new and unique. It also helps in IP management. It’s a built-in internet browser tool which takes cares of cookies and cache management that it should be clear for posting each ad.

If you like this article i hope you like some other , Please do share and Enjoy ad posting software into your digital life. don’t forget to comment by let me know how did you find helpful using ad posting software?

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